Getting Started with Iterables Next

Best Action

Implementing NBA in your marketing strategy is straightforward with Iterable. Here’s a quick guide to getting started:

  1. Find Next

    Best Action campaign

  2. suggestions within the Campaigns index page and see the Discover Campaign Suggestions window.
  3. Review the Next Best Action-recommended campaign by choosing a campaign from the list of suggestions and reviewing the new audience and content suggestions.
  4. Create a new campaign using Next Best Action recommendations and update any settings you’d like to change before sending it.
  5. Save the list of users for usa whatsapp number list retargeting to repurpose for future campaigns.
  6. Monitor and optimize by comparing its performance with the original campaign by running an experiment.

In a world where personalized experiences are paramount, Iterable’s Next Best Action feature stands out as a powerful tool for marketers. With Next Best Action, you can elevate your customer engagement strategy and unlock the full potential of personalized marketing by leveraging intelligent, actionable insights.

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Want to Learn More

To learn more, read the Next Best unlimited sales Action Overview and complete the Next Best Action Academy Course. To add Next Best Action to your Iterable account, talk to your customer success manager. And, if you’re not yet an Iterable customer, schedule a demo today.

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